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He entered, the first time, a dark room in 1974 at the age of 15. He was already in love with photography by then. At the age of 16 he worked during the school summer holidays to purchase his first SRL camera and a B&W printer. He started developing and printing pictures in 1975 and studying theory of photography using books and magazines.

In 1976 he was invited to show his pictures at the office of the top Italian photographic magazine (Fotografare) and he was encouraged by the director to take up a career as an artist photographer. He wished to enroll with the Academy of Photography in Venice but his family did not intend to finance his studies in this art.

He graduated in Agriculture Science in 1983 and left Italy to work in developing countries. He continued to take pictures and the countries where he lived gave him great opportunities to establish his photographic portfolio.

In May 2012 he left his profession (he was working with the United Nations in Barbados) to dedicate his full attention to his beloved arts. Besides photography he is a performing musician and a creative writer.

In September 2012 the picture “Waiting for the rain to stop” received the golden award by the Sol Caribbean Mirror photography contest.

In November 2012 he did his first solo exhibition in Barbados titled “Children and Art and People Around the World”.

His picture “Geometry” was selected by the National Geographic among the best images of week 11 of the Yearly Photographic Contest.

Since 2012 he has been collaborating with Leandro Soto, an internationally acclaimed Cuban-American artist. In March 2013 Soto and him presented a mixed media exhibition on Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination (UWI Cave Hill). This exhibition moved to Mexico in 2014 and from 2015 reached its permanent home in Havana, Cuba. He has produced several portraits of Leandro Soto. Some were published in art books and others are exhibited in a museum in Havana. The Department of Art History, University of Hartford published, in an art book,  some of his images of Soto’s paintings.

The Italian magazine “Arte Navale”, in June 2013, published his photographic reportage of the Barbados Yacht Club. Also in June 2013 he had his third photo exhibition titled “The Caribbean through the eyes of an Italian” and in December of the same year he had is second solo show titled “A Romantic View of Barbados”.

He continued to collaborate with artist Leandro Soto with two videos shown in his latest exhibitions in 2015 (Cuba) and 2016 (Barbados).

In April 2016 he paired with abstract artist Elisa Zorzi for a duo exhibition titled “Two Visions One Reality”.